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Water Pump

Water Pumps

Buckeye Plumbing has over 40 years’ experience repairing and replacing water well pumps, tanks and equipment. We have the hand tools to work on the common residential well along with a 4x4 truck fitted with a Pulstar hydraulic rig for pulling commercial/ industrial pump systems.

Water Treatment

Water Well Service & Cleaning 

Water Well Service & Cleaning

City Water Lines

City Water Lines

Buckeye Plumbing has excavating equipment for city water line installation and repairs. Our operators have experience in trenching as well as trenchless technology. Ask us for a free quote.

Water Treatment

Regardless if you have water from a well or from the city tap, we can and have treated a wide range of them. Whatever your water quality, we have a solution to bring you high quality drinking water.

Water Heater

We are proud to install an American made Bradford White water heater in your home. They come in a variety of sizes and venting styles for natural gas heating. Also available in electric if you chose. Tankless water heaters are the way of the future for energy savings and never-ending hot water. We are happy to explain the details for you to make an informed decision to meet your hot water needs.

Drain & Water Line Repair/Replacement

When water and drain lines start leaking and make a mess in your house or outside, we can help. Our technicians understand the current Plumbing codes and will make sure the piping going back in is up to the current quality and standards.

Fixture Installation, Repairs & Replacement

Buckeye Plumbing carries a line of standard Moen faucets in stock. We order daily from our network of supply houses to bring in the latest styles and brands to give you the look and functionality you're after. Our repair parts inventory gives us a head start on the competition to make that repair and keep things in operation as long as possible.

Drain Cleaning

Maybe one of the dirtier jobs we do. We offer a snaking service for individual fixtures as well as fixture branches and the main drain with Spartan cable machines. For the more stubborn drains we have a trailer mounted Spartan Hydro-Jet that allows us to really clean and cut with high pressure water, up to 12” pipes. We have camera equipment to locate problem areas and/or verify the condition of the drain so there is limited guess work.

DOT certified Gas Line Repair/Replacement Specialists

We install and repair any gas line above or under ground between the gas meter and your appliances.

Downspout Drain

Having clear downspout drains are very important to the structural integrity of your basement walls and foundation. We inspect, repair and replace these as necessary. Our camera equipment can show and verify the condition of these lines for our customers.

Boiler Repair & Replacement

A number of our customers have hot water boiler style heating systems that we do service and repair. If you have a system of this type, we would love to be your go to service company when you are in need. Radiant hot water provides a very comfortable heat without the draft of a forced air furnace.

Backflow Prevention & Annual Testing

Protecting our communities water supply and doing our part to cut down the chances of contamination are not taken lightly at Buckeye Plumbing. We have 3 technicians certified to install, test and maintain your backflow devices. Ask about our Backflow Agreement Program.

Septic Repairs & Replacement

Do you know how your septic system works? We do and would be happy to explain your system to you. Dig out those records and let us take a look at how it’s functioning. We work on these too.

Sewer Line Repair & Replacements

Your sewer main Lateral from your house to the street main connection can require snaking/ cleaning on occasion. We offer this service as well as replacement should the line become compromised. We have camera equipment to verify the condition of this and other piping through your home.

Kitchen & Bath Remodeling/Addition

Buckeye Plumbing has a great understanding of what plumbing pipes may be in your walls. Before starting the demo for that next remodel, include us in your thought process. We would be happy to rearrange, add to, move and install plumbing fixtures for your next project.

Stormwater Management

It seems the last few years our weather has been changing. We get large amounts of rain in our area in short bursts. Our existing storm water systems for our homes and businesses were never designed to handle this kind of weather. We at Buckeye Plumbing are creating solutions for these issues and have had great success in our approach.

Excavation & Trenching Services

Due to the underground utilities business of storm & sanitary drains, water lines and gas lines, we have found it necessary to own earthmoving equipment. We have 2 different sizes of mini excavators, one reaching 11ft deep and the other able to fit through a 36” gate. Also, a CAT track loader and dump truck to move and haul stone, spoils, fill material and topsoil when needed.

Plumbing Inspections

Buying or selling a property and need a professional to inspect the plumbing or well & septic. We are here for you.

New Construction

New residential plumbing for custom homes has been a staple of Buckeye Plumbing from the start in 1973. We have been involved in plumbing for large and small churches, restaurants and a variety of businesses in Stark, Summit and Portage County as well.

Special Needs Products & Services

Need grab bars installed for that tub or shower, maybe a higher toilet than you currently have? Our staff can help with making your home more functional for those who need assistance.

Hot Water Heat Systems/Radiant/Snowmelt

Give us a call if you have any interest in space heating with hot water. We have installed a variety of systems from entire driveways and sidewalks with automated snow melt controls, radiant heating for homes, and radiant slab for garages.

Our Brands

Buckeye Plumbing carries the finest products from these great manufacturers and more . . .



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